Our Compliance System

A Siemens business

Being a responsible company – this is our base. With our system, we want to establish the compliance concepts in the minds and actions of all employees Chemtech.

For Chemtech, promote integrity means acting in accordance with our values – responsible, excellent and innovative – wherever we do business.

A key element of integrity is Compliance: adherence to laws and internal regulations. We have zero tolerance for corruption and violation of the principles of fair competition.

The Chemtech‘s Compliance System is divided into three pillars: Prevent, Detect and Respond.

These pillars are the foundation of a comprehensive system of activities that ensure that our businesses are fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations as well as with our principles and internal rules.


Siemens offers many channels for employees, managers, customers, suppliers, other business partners or any other Siemens external person can contact and make complaints.

Tell Us:

The reporting channel ”Tell Us” can be used to report violations of the Siemens Code of Conduct at any time of day or night, everywhere, securely, confidentially and, if desired, anonymously.


Employees and third parties can contact the external ombudsman, confidentially and anonymously, if they notice any inappropriate business practices in the company. Reports can be made in English or German.