Intelligent Infrastructure for value creation

Engineering plays a fundamental role in any type of industry as it ensures the correct sizing of the unit and its infrastructure necessary for its operation, but also generates more assertive information for the survey of the costs involved. Chemtech provides engineering services and solutions to create value for the customer at all stages of the construction from conception to operation phase, with expertise in projects of new plants (greenfield) and existing plants (brownfield).

Engineering in the preliminary stages – Conceptual and Basic – allow the evaluation of the best technological and economic alternatives to optimize the deadlines and the costs of construction/implementation.

Conceptual Engineering

At the stage of Conceptual Engineering, evaluations of technology solutions are done for key industrial processes and for the equipment of a process plant, giving priority to the deepening of a few scenarios, in order to define the best possible configuration for the project implementation. Chemtech also prepare economic studies to assess the best location of the enterprise, based on factors such as proximity to existing infrastructure, legal and environmental issues, availability of raw materials, among others.

Basic Engineering

In phase of Basic Engineering, the project team performs the design of the plant to be built and the infrastructure works necessary for its implementation. Also at this stage are specified systems and key equipment for the project, the technology used, the manufacturing partners, budgets and services to be contracted.

Detailed Engineering

Finally we have the phase of Detailed Engineering with a focus in the purchase of materials and equipments, and the construction and installation projects. The work in projects of this kind involves a multidisciplinary approach, with the involvement of various areas of engineering. This Detailed Engineering phase plays a key role in the assertiveness of planning, selection of construction processes, and in the quantity of materials and the budget set for the project.

Owner's Engineering

Parallel to all these phases, the Owner’s Engineering acts as a project manager, overseeing the operation of the other subcontractors, working to prevent and mitigate any problems and providing regular monitoring reports to the customer. It ensures that the technical requirements necessary for the proper implementation of the project are being met and the most appropriate tools are being used during the project.

Front End Engineering Design

At the end of the basic engineering stage, prior to the detailing and construction, the FEED (Front End Engineering Design) phase is executed, where the quantity of materials is defined more assertively, considering variables such as safety, constructability, commissioning and even maintainability – mitigating risks and reducing unplanned costs for the procurement, construction and assembly.