Offshore Solutions

Complete Solutions for Platforms and Vessels

Chemtech provides complete solutions for a platform / vessel: from the supply to the maintenance for real-time monitoring in order to ensure the integrity and the operational and environmental safety.

The solutions for positioning (Absolute Positioning Monitoring and Relative Monitoring Positioning) are systems that monitor in real time the position and movements from a platform and relieved ship.

The MetOcean Monitoring is a system that monitors in real time data from the ocean and climate to ensure the safety of takeoffs and landings of helicopters, and promote the collection of data to a central database for environmental data.

The Riser Monitoring is a real-time system for mechanical and visual monitoring of risers integrity.

The SHARPE solution (Hydroacoustic Monitoring and Control) is a drive system for subsea valves and manual monitoring of operational and structural parameters through hydroacoustic link.